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Brand new community for us UK-based parents and parents-to-be. Please take the time to join and say hello.

What are the rules?

Personally, I like to think that rules are for when you don't know how to behave, but I'd like to make a few general requests

- If you're posting images, please put it behind an explanatory LJ cut.
- Please make your entries friends only, as it may encourage people to join and participate within the community rather than just looking.
- Respect other people's opinions and beliefs, even if it is the polar opposite to yours.
- Without prejudice. AT ALL TIMES.
- No advertising non-relevant communities - if it's something parent-y, go for it, otherwise, not here.
- Tell us who you are, so we can welcome you :)

Tell you who I am? What do you want to know?

- Your name, real or 'assumed identity' - basically, how you want us to address you.
- Your age
- Some info about you, stuff like:-
Do you or have you been to college or uni?
Do you work?
Do you stay at home?
What are your hobbies?
Where you're from
How many children you have already, and their ages
What do you love/hate about being a parent

etc etc. Also, any input at all as to content, interests etc would be gratefully appreciated :)