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Ella hasn't had her daily nap for well over a week now. I've tried everything to get her to sleep but she fights it. She's nearly 18months now and runs around like a loony, climbs everywhere and must be exhausted but she doesn't seem to sleep enough... Has anyone else experienced this?
Also i'm not sure if i'm feeding Ella too much or too little really and was wondering if any of you had any advice. She is very tall for her age and the HV seems fine about her weight especially as i told her she eats alot of fruit and veg and i only allow her chocolate or crisps on rare occassions.

Here's an example of what she will have in a day. I've given two different sets to show the varity.

morning. porridge/cereal or one piece of wholemeal bread toasted and a cup of tea
mid morning. a piece of fruit and juice
lunch (depending on the time and who is looking after her.) omelette or a sandwich or chicken bits and juice
dinner tuna/chicken pasta and veg or steamed fish and mash/veg and a petit filou for afters.
night time drink of max milk about 9oz.


Feb. 25th, 2007 09:02 am (UTC)
I saw you post something along those lines the other week... I don't think i had any time to comment on it or maybe i did... but yep one minute it's ooo don't eat too much fish during pregnancy, then ooo eat lots of fish you'll get a brainy baby.
I was talking to my mum about the tea thing she replied... well i brought you three up fine and there's certainly nothing wrong with Ella. That got us talking about the whole formula/bf debate etc and how forumla mum's are made to feel guilty.
She said you're her mum you do what you think is right... and i believe that you always know what's right for your child ...
LoL @ jam sarnies and ribena... those were the good old days


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