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Any of you UK Mummies ever watched Doodle-Do on CBEEBIES? Since about month three of my new pregnancy I have been obsessing over the Welsh presenter man, Chris. I practically force Emily to watch it in a morning - wakes me up with a smile! haha, oh dear. Anyone else crushing on kids TV people??

eBay petition

Sorry if you have seen this elsewhere, but eBay are trying to ban the sale of used cloth nappies/diapers. PLEASE please sign this. Every little helps.


And please do pass it along to anyone else you think will be interested. Thank you

Feb. 26th, 2007

Katie has been at nursery fulltime for nearly a month now.

Since she has been there she has had a respiratory infection, a sickness bug and about 2 colds!

I was expecting all this sort of thing, especially as she is still teething.

Last week the nursery staff expressed concern as she wasn't drinking any fluids....she's fine drinking her juice at home and there were no problems over the weekend.

Today my partner picked her up from nursery and was told by the staff that they're now concerned as she has been refusing to eat most of her meals and this is now leading her two little friends to follow suit.

I don't know what we can do to sort this out.....at home she eats fine and this evening, as she hadn't eaten at nursery, I did her a small tea with us, mash potato, baby sweetcorn, sugar snap peas and some coley fish. She troughed it all down as normal.

I don't know why she's refusing at nursery as they're not feeding her anything she hasn't had at home!!

All I can think it can be is that she's still getting over the bugs and stuff (She tends to go off everything when she's poorly), or because she's teething (she has a molar coming through at the mo)...or because she's just still adjusting to being at nursery and is maybe missing her Dad and I.

Any ideas??
Ella hasn't had her daily nap for well over a week now. I've tried everything to get her to sleep but she fights it. She's nearly 18months now and runs around like a loony, climbs everywhere and must be exhausted but she doesn't seem to sleep enough... Has anyone else experienced this?
Also i'm not sure if i'm feeding Ella too much or too little really and was wondering if any of you had any advice. She is very tall for her age and the HV seems fine about her weight especially as i told her she eats alot of fruit and veg and i only allow her chocolate or crisps on rare occassions.

Here's an example of what she will have in a day. I've given two different sets to show the varity.

morning. porridge/cereal or one piece of wholemeal bread toasted and a cup of tea
mid morning. a piece of fruit and juice
lunch (depending on the time and who is looking after her.) omelette or a sandwich or chicken bits and juice
dinner tuna/chicken pasta and veg or steamed fish and mash/veg and a petit filou for afters.
night time drink of max milk about 9oz.


Does anyone know where I can get some decent, but not remortgaging-style priced, wellies for my wee girlie??

She's currently only a teeny size 3G, do Clarks do them?

Their website is currently only showing Spring/Summer shoes!


Hiya, i'm new here, I'm Shelly mum to James whos gonna be 3 on sunday. We live in Bristol and i know Shaz as an online friend from here :D

Thats about it :p

There are bargains to be had!

If any of you live near to Milton Keynes, I went there today and Adams is closing down.  I bought £61 worth of clothes for £19!!  I'm going back there in two weeks after I've had the baby scan and hopefully found out what we will be having.


I am fourteen weeks pregnant, and my daughter is 14 months old. The problem I am having at the minute is that I am suffering from real hardcore exhaustion.I didnt have it or anything like it when I was pregnant with Emily and it has totally floored me. But of course a 14 month old does not allow her Mummy to be too tired! Does anyone have any tips? I am taking Pregnacare tablets daily. My iron levels are OK, though I have gone off all meat unless it is in a lasagne! I am just so tired - picking Emily up leaves my muscles feeling all wobbly! Its like I have aged 50 years! My partner is fab once he gets home from work but he often works away and when he is home he works erratic hours...
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Flushable nappies

Anyone heard of these?

Hubby thinks they will clog our toilet.


As we thought the doctor didn't think there was anything wrong. Said basically that she probably strained a bit at some point in a small blood vessel in her bowel probably burst. As she is so fine in herself he said not to worry about it and come and see him in a week if she's still bleeding.

So, panic over. Actually wasn't really panicking that much (lol I'm such an uncaring mum!) but at least now she's been checked out we know that she's fine and there won't be any lingering "what if's" left.

Thank you everyone who commented :-)