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Flushable nappies

Anyone heard of these?

Hubby thinks they will clog our toilet.


As we thought the doctor didn't think there was anything wrong. Said basically that she probably strained a bit at some point in a small blood vessel in her bowel probably burst. As she is so fine in herself he said not to worry about it and come and see him in a week if she's still bleeding.

So, panic over. Actually wasn't really panicking that much (lol I'm such an uncaring mum!) but at least now she's been checked out we know that she's fine and there won't be any lingering "what if's" left.

Thank you everyone who commented :-)

Baby blood in stools

Last night when my partner changed Esmé's nappy he noticed that she had a bit of blood in her stools. It wasn't very bad so he didn't mention it.

This morning, after having her bath, she decided to poo again all over her white bath towel and my partner says it was bright red at first but by the time she'd was finishing up it had gone back to a normal colour.

She isn't off colour in herself, although she has been teething two molars which have been causing her a lot of pain. I've not seen what the stools looked like so I'm only able to go on what my partner has told me. He said that it was fresh, bright blood.

Anyone got any suggestions? Have been worried about her being constipated as although I'm breastfeeding her regularly throughout the day I'm also 21 weeks pregnant and my supply has reduced a lot. We give her beakers or juice or water with her meals and she will drink from then when she needs to. Not really sure what else to try as we can't force her to drink as such.

She's got her first birthday in two days so we will be able to start offering her cows milk to drink as well.

I've tried to look on the NHS direct website but their server is down at the moment. Is it worth giving them a ring or calling my health visitor or should I just keep an eye on her?

Bit stumped so any advice appreciated, thank you :-)

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My daughter and I have just returned from London where we went to see Alice In Wonderland performed by the English National Ballet company at the London Colliseum. We thought our £10 tickets were a bargain but on 31st Dec (this Sunday) children can go free.


The performance was AMAZING! Highly recommended :D

Weight, food etc...

Hi all. I am, once again, on the scrounge for some advice. After giving birth last November my weight reached a rather excessive 19 stone. In the year that has followed I have managed to shed 3 of that 19 stone but now I am pregnant again I can feel my weight slowly creeping up. I was using a multigym and a cross trainer before I found out I was expecting again, but am now too frightened just in case I do some damage. I am not a slinky, smooth gym babe and am incredibly accident prone! Anyways, I was wondering is there any video out there for pregnant ladies who would like to shape up/ not gain too much weight during pregnancy? I have searched a few sites but all I can find is yoga and pilates, neither of which interest me. I am continuing walking a lot but in this weather its a bit grim.
Thanks all,
I was wondering if anyone had a few suggestions about which pushchair to buy.

We don't need a travel system or anything, as we've just bought a new car seat. I'm after quite a sturdy pushchair that's not too flimsy, but at the same time isn't built like a tank that will take up the whole pavement. I want it to have rubber wheels, as those hollow plastic ones are crap. I don't really care what it looks like, garish colours are more than acceptable. And 100 quid is my limit. Ethan's 8 months old, by the way.

I know I could I just look myself, but this takes out a lot of the work if you know of a pram like this!

Thank you.

XPD and pissed off!

Ever had one of those days?
I think, finally, I will vent. Emily is safe in the bath with her Daddy, I have turned the volume on the TV so no one will hear the swearing and for the FIRST time since Monday I have five minutes alone time. I have seriously had a BASTARD of a day. To start off this evil day, I had a booking appointment with the midwife. For those without babies, this is where the midwife takes your blood pressure, weight, height etc.. and discusses your pregnancy thus far. So, using the tips I earned from a seven hour shift at work last night, Emily and I took a taxi to the Doctors. Emily doesnt like the Doctors waiting room. She didnt cry, but repeatedly made ear piercing screams. They kept me waiting FIFTY MINUTES before they saw me. Fifty minutes of my time is pretty bloody bad, but FIFTY MINUTES BABY TIME is FOREVER. Emily was screaming, throwing her toys around and generally feeling fed up for this fifty minutes. Finally my name was called. We went into the room where Emily was awed into silence by the new surroundings. The midwife looks for my notes. Alas, I have none. She then tells me to come back in 2 weeks. I was in her room for 30 seconds.

Anyways, we return home using the last of my tips for another taxi. Emily eats lunch and then has a nap. When she wakes up I, in my tender hormonal state, have been sobbing for a half hour. So we decide to go meet up with my friend Jo. Emily is a little grumpy but enjoying watching the ducks. Jo plays with Emily awhile then puts her back in her pram. Only Jo hasnt fastened her pram correctly so Emily falls out landing on her face, on muddy gravel, inches from a lake. She screams, I break down crying thinking how much worse it could have been, and it all ends in tears and disaster. Add onto this the fact I had 6 hours sleep after working last night, the fact that my pelvis is crunching and causing serious pain at the moment (may be caused by standing up for 7 hours a night at work) and the fact my parents still arent being very nice to me, TheMan has been working away for what seems like forever and I feel so damn alone and stuck.....well, the day has been messy to say the least.

I know its hormones but I just feel so low. TheMan has been working 4 hours drive away. I would KILL for 4 hours to drive and be alone. Then he gets home so late he puts Emily to bed, and then he has 6 hours to himself to do whatever he does, while I am at work. I feel like a damn babysitter for 12 hours a day, then I go out to work 7 hours a night. Am I a fucking mug?
I know I should not resent looking after Emily all day, but you know what sometimes I really do, I would LOVE to remember who I am and even have a bath or just do....well, nothing..awhile. So I guess that means I am not a perfect Mummy, but I knew that anyway. I really do feel like I wake up, work for 19 hours, then go to bed. Whereas TheMan gets home and when Emily is in bed at 7pm he can do whatever he wants to. I want to stamp my feet and shout "but I want some time!!!".

I guess, in summary, I am just really tired and hormonal at the moment. Thats it anyways, the vent is over.

Another one!

I am seven and a half weeks pregnant. My daughter has just turned one (12th Nov). Has anyone else had children this close together? The new baby wasnt planned (I have PCOS and have not had a period for nearly a year meaning I am 'infertile' hahaha), we do still have a moses basket and most things I think we will need, Im just wondering if anyone else out there had babies a similar length of time apart, and if so ho they coped? I work 36 hours a week between 6pm and 1am behind a bar and need to work right up until the babies birth if poss as I havent had the job long enough to get maternity pay, and of course we are pretty darn poor.....
Any advice would be lapped up!
Can anyone recommend any websites I can play on with my 11 month old. She loves bashing the keyboard and I found some baby games a while a go where everytime she pressed a key there was a funny sound or picture and she was fascinated by it. I just can't seem to find any good ones though!! TIA


Some of you may remember Bee had conjunctivitis a week back, well, that's cleared up but she's now got an awful cough, I mean 80 cigarettes a day awful. I took her to the Dr. the other day and her chest was clear, apparently it is a build up of mucous catching in the back of her throat. However, the last three nights she's woken herself up coughing, and tonight it is much worse - it sounds absolutely terrible and I am a little worried, I'm almost 100% certain she has Croup, and we are using calpol and steamy sessions in the bathroom to assist the situation, but I was just wondering if any of you have any experience with Croup, any remedies or advice.

Also, at what point should I take her back to the Dr? And finally, what is the difference between Croup and whooping cough? My sister had the latter when I was young and I remember the 'whoop' noise, well Bee has just started backing that noise, but she's not vomiting and her temperature is normal. I thought things were a little bit better because she's been a bit better with it today, but now she sounds so poorly.

Thanks for listening!